2nd Moscow International Conference «Molecular Phylogenetics MolPhy-2» Moscow, 18-21 May 2010


Tuesday, MAY 18, 2010



Lobby of the Main Biological Auditorium (ÁÁÀ)



Opening Ceremony

Michail P. Kirpichnikov, Chair of the Conference

Boris F. Vanyushin

Plenary Session I

Chair: Dietmar Quandt


Statistics and truth in phylogenomics 

Sudhir Kumar (USA)


The instability of the animal tree of life: causes of error in molecular systematics

Johann-Wolfgang Wägele (Germany)


Coffee break


Search for a Tree of Life in the phylogenetic forest

Yuri I. Wolf, P. Puigbò, E. V. Koonin (USA)


iBOL – the International Barcode of Life Project

Natalia V. Ivanova, P.D.N. Hebert (Canada)




Plenary Session II

Chair: Harald Schneider


Revolution in zoology: New bilaterian phylogeny

Vladimir Malakhov (Russia)


Expression of evolutionarily new genes in tumors and the possible role of tumors in the origin of new cell types

Andrey P. Kozlov (Russia)


Coffee break


Maintenance of allelic polymorphism in miRNA824 processing 

Jin-Yong Hu, Li Lei, Juliette de Meaux (Germany)


Genomic insights into the origins of metazoan signaling pathways

Vladimir.V. Aleoshin, Kiril V. Mikhailov (Russia)


Sponsors' presentations

Stormoff group of companies




Applied Biosystems




Welcome party

                                                                                     Wednesday, MAY 19, 2010


Section Sessions


Auditorium ÁÁÀ

Auditorium M1


Molecular phylogeny of invertebrates (I)

Evolutionary genomics


Molecular Phylogeny in Systematics of Oligochaeta: Pro et Contra
I.A. Kaygorodova 

Fast and slow evolution of bacterial type promoters in plastids of Streptophyta

V. Lyubetsky, A. Seliverstov 


New insight into phylogeny of Mesozoa: evidence from 18 and 28S rRNA genes
N.B. Petrov, V.V. Aleoshin, A.A. Lomov, L.Yu. Rusin,
I.P. Vladychenskaya, G.S. Slyusarev 

Next-generation de novo genomic sequencing of an obligate biotrophic plant pathogen, Albugo laibachii
E. Kemen, A. Gardiner, A. Balmuth, T. Schultz-Larsen,
A. Robert-Seilaniantz, K. Bailey, A. Kemen, J. Jones 


Acquisition of animal parasitism in the evolution of nematodes: counting cases
S.E. Spiridonov, E.S. Ivanova 

Studying brown algae: integration of genomics, transcriptomics and DNA physical properties data in the model Ectocarpus portal
A.A. Osypov, K. Billiau, L. Sterck, S. Dittami, T. Tonon,
Y. Van de Peer, M. Cock


Phylogenetic information content of the ribosomal DNA repeat unit in the Cyclopoida (Crustacea)
M.V. Zagoskin, A.K. Grishanin, A.B. Nikishina, D.V. Mukha 

A new concept of ontogenetic systematics: toward the synthesis of taxonomy, ontogeny and phylogenetics
A.V. Martynov 


Coffee break


Molecular phylogeny of invertebrates (II)

Methods and algorithms (I)


Molecular phylogeny of cercarial isolates of Russian and Belorussian bird schistosomes (Schistosomatidae, Trematoda) and its intermediate snail hosts as inferred from the ITS2 rDNA sequences
A.A. Lopatkin, G.G. Chrisanfova, V.A. Vasilyev, M.V. Voronin, V.A. Mischenkov, O.P. Zazornova, S.A. Beer, T.V. Zhukova, A.P. Ryskov, S.K. Semyenova

Assembling multigene datasets for deep phylogeny with iPhy
M. Jones, M. Blaxter


Significance of sperm morphology and 18 and 28S rRNA gene nucleotide sequences of brachiopods for their systematics and phylogeny
A.L. Drozdov, V.V. Vinnikova, S.À. Tyurin,
I.P. Vladychenskaya, N.B. Petrov

Computer System for Analysis of Molecular Evolution Modes of protein-coding genes (SAMEM): relation of molecular evolution with the phenotypical features of organisms
K.V. Gunbin, D.A. Afonnikov, M.A. Genaev, N.A. Kolchanov


Complete mitochondrial genome sequence of Drosophila littoralis (Diptera: Drosophilidae): Comparative analysis of the mitochondrial genomes in the Drosophila virilis species group
S.Yu. Sorokina, B.V. Andrianov, V.G. Mitrofanov

Comparison of protein phylogeny reconstruction methods on natural protein sequences
M.S. Krivozubov, S.A. Spirin


The gene and lineage effects affect the topology of phylogenetic trees in the Drosophila virilis species group
A.M. Kulikov, O.E. Lazebny

Evolutionary fate of CpG and CNG clusters in mammals
N. Oparina, M. Fridman, V. Makeev




Molecular phylogeny of fishes

Molecular phylogeny of plants (I)


The development a new system of genetic markers for Kamchatkan mykiss (Parasalmo (O.) mykiss) as approach to study of salmonic fish populations
S.D. Pavlov, M.N. Melnikova, A.L. Senchukova, E.A. Pivovarov

Plant plastids and cyanobacteria: common genes and evolution
O.A. Koksharova


Molecular phylogenetics and phylogeography of Palearctic coregonid fishes (Coregonidae, Salmoniformes, Teleostei) with special reference to whitefishes of southern Siberia
N.A. Bochkarev, E.I. Zuykova, A.V. Katokhin, N.Yu. Gordon, S.N. Baldina, D.V. Politov 

Ten years of molecular studies of the bryophyte family Brachytheciaceae, results and perspectives
S. Huttunen, M.S. Ignatov


Molecular phylogeny of the genus Batrachocottus of Lake Baikal Cottoid fish: the new view on the structure and evolution
S.V. Kirilchik, V.I. Teterina, V.M. Yakhnenko, C. Poux, B.E. Bogdanov,  E. Verheyen

Habitat associated convergent evolution in mosses — the Neckeraceae as an example
S. Olsson, V. Buchbender, J. Enroth, L. Hedenäs, S. Huttunen,
D. Quandt


Independent origin of the barb (Labeobarbus, Cyprinidae) species flocks in the four river systems of Ethiopia: evidence from mitochondrial DNA sequences
B.A. Levin, A.S. Golubtsov, Yu.Yu. Dgebuadze, N.S. Mugue,
I. Doadrio

Genetic differentiation and relationships among the North Asia fir species (Abies Mill., Pinaceae), inferred from cytoplasmic and nuclear DNA variation
S.A. Semerikova, M.A. Polezhaeva, V.L. Semerikov


Coffee break


Microevolution in animals

Microevolution in plants (I)


Haplotype diversity of Bulgarian red deer (Cervus elaphus L.)
M.V. Kuznetsova, G.G. Markov 

Microevolution and development theory and practice of plant improvement
Yu. Sivolap 


Molecular phylogeny of speciose genus Microtus (Arvicolinae, Rodentia) inferred from nuclear genes with subsequent systematic implications
N.I. Abramson, A.Yu. Kostygov 

Diversity and phylogeny of chloroplast genomes in D-genome Aegilops group based on cpSSR date
S.V. Goryunova, N.N. Chikida, E.D. Badaeva, V.A. Pukhalskiy 


Current state of molecular studies of microevolutionary processes in Baicalian endemic invertebrates
D.Yu. Sherbakov 

Phylogenetic relationships of wild and cultivated peas as inferred from His5 gene sequences
O.O. Zaytseva, O.E. Kosterin, V.S. Bogdanova 


Genetics of speciation in animals: Inferences from sequence divergence at Co­1 and Cyt-b mtDNA on different taxonomic levels
Yu.Ph. Kartavtsev 

Molecular taxonomy and phylogeny of Capsicum
E.Z. Kochieva, N.N. Ryzhova 


Coffee break


Molecular phylogeny and phylogeography of tetrapods

Microevolution in plants (II)


Phylogeographic patterns of vertebrates in the Russian Far East
A.P. Kryukov 

Place of origin of the genus Allium: Key study of the subgenera Amerallium and Anguinum
Nikolai Friesen 


Phylogeny of the sunwatcher agama species complex, Phrynocephalus helioscopus (Reptilia, Agamidae) inferred from mitochondrial and nuclear DNA markers
E.N. Solovyeva, N.A. Poyarkov, E.A. Dunayev, A.A. Bannikova

Population genetic analysis of Deschampsia antarctica from two regions of Maritime Antarctica
I.O. Andreev, K.V. Spiridonova, S.S. Kyryachenko, 

I.Yu. Parnikoza, D.M. Maidaniuk, I.A. Kozeretska, V.A. Kunakh


Short interspersed elements (SINEs) of squamate reptiles
V.V. Grechko, S.A. Kosushkin, O.R. Borodulina, F.G.Butaeva, I.S. Darevsky 

Spatial genetic structure of the metapopulation of Melittis sarmatica Klok. on the territory of Volkovysk Elevation (Belarus)
A.V. Shevkunova, O.Yu. Urbanovich 

                                                                                                            Thursday, MAY 20, 2010

                                                                                                                    Section Sessions


Auditorium ÁÁÀ

Auditorium M1


Methods and algorithms (II)

Molecular phylogeny of plants (II)


The new algorithm for reconstruction of large phylogenies of complete human mitochondrial DNAs
N.P. Eltsov

Comparing morphological and molecular data as sources of phylogenetic information: morphological cladistic analysis of Anthyllis (Leguminosae, Loteae)
D.D. Sokoloff, G.V. Degtjareva, T.H. Samigullin, C.M. Valiejo-Roman 


Tool and methods for analysis of the gene networks evolution
V.S. Timonov, K.V. Gunbin, I.I. Turnaev, D.S. Miginsky 

Gene trees vs. species trees in reconstructing complex relationships: the case of Rosa
I.A. Schanzer 


Correlation between nucleosome formation potential of 5’-UTR and elongation efficiency index of coding sequences of S. cerevisiae genome
Yu.G. Matushkun, V.A. Li­khoshvai, V.G. Levitsky 

Molecular-genetic study of tulips (subgenus Eriostemones)
N.A. Kutlunina, M.I. Zherebtsova, V.V. Kotseruba 


Poster session, Exhibitions of commercial sponsors





                                                                                           Friday, MAY 21, 2010 


Plenary Session III

Chair: Sudhir Kumar


Employing molecular phylogenetic hypotheses to reconstruct temporal-spatial events shaping the tree of life

Harald Schneider (U.K.)


Measuring and representing incongruence in phylogenetic forests 

François-Joseph Lapointe (Canada)


Coffee break


Paleogenomics in silico: reconstruction of ancestral genomes in vertebrates using gene phylogenies

Hugues Roest Crollius (France)








Mutational dynamics and phylogenetic utility of plastid DNA

Dietmar Quandt, Kai Müller, and Thomas Borsch (Germany)


Evolutionary and population genomics: advances and perspectives

Konstantin G. Skryabin (Russia)


Conference Closing


A bus to Conference dinner



Posters are mounted on May 19 (from 10:00 am) and presented until May 21 in the lobby of Main Biological Auditorium (ÁÁÀ) and the lobby of Biological Auditorium (M1).

1 Phylogenetic relationships among leafy Brassica rapa L. types

A.M. Artemyeva


2 Phylogenic relationships and species composition in the genus Niviventer (Rodentia: Muridae) in Vietnam as inferred frommitochondrial cytochrome b gene

A.E. Balakirev, V.V. Rozhnov


3 Molecular phylogeny of the genus Sicista (Rodentia, Dipodoidea) based on nuclear and mitochondrial data

M.I. Baskevich, S.G. Potapov


4 Phylogenetic affiliation of fluorescent pseudomonads from Belarusian collection of nonpathogenic microorganisms

D.P. Bazhanov, K.K. Yatsevich


5 Intraspecific differentiation in Harmonia axyridis Pall. by complex of morphological polymorphic features and variability of mitochondrial gene COI

A.V. Blekhman, I.A. Zakharov, I.I. Goryacheva


6 Using DNA sequences of two mitochondrial genes (COI and COII) for taxonomy and phylogeny of Acrididae grasshoppers (Orthoptera, Caelifera, Acridoidea)

A. Bugrov, A. Blinov


7 Genetic polymorphism of small nationality — Nagaibaks living in Chelyabinsk region

A.L. Burmistrova, O.N. Zaripova, T.A. Suslova, S.V. Timopheeva, M.S. Chernova


8 Structure of the proteins and latent periodicity in the genes

M.B. Chaley, V.A. Kutyrkin


9 RAPD‐PCR analysis of mutant lines Arabidopsis thaliana (L.)Heynh.

T.N. Checheneva, O.M. Medved', D.A. Kiselev, A.V. Dubin


10 Phylogeny of the Drosophila virilis group based on the Ras1 gene sequences

A.I. Chekunova, S.S. Mikhailovskii, I.V. Lazebnaya, V.G. Mitrofanov


11 Molecular evolution of the plastid psbA‐trnH intergenic spacer in the Apiaceae–Apioideae genera with short spacer length

G.V. Degtjareva, E.I. Terentieva, C.M. Valiejo-Roman, T.H. Samigullin, E.V. Kljuykov


12 RAPD and ISSR markers for study of genetic variation among parsley accessions (Petroselinum crispum (Mill.) Nym.)

A. Domblides, E. Domblides, V. Kharchenko, G. Potekhin


13 Estimation of genetic diversity and phylogenetic relationships in A and C genome accessions of Brassica using RAPD markers

E. Domblides, A. Domblides, V. Startsev, L. Bondareva


14 Mathematical modeling of intraspecific evolution of plague agent

G.A. Eroshenko, Yu.P. Volkov, A.A. Eroshenko, V.V. Kutyrev


15 Molecular phylogenetic analysis of mitochondrial genes of diatoms

Y.P. Galachyants


16 Carbohydrate and mineral exchanges of children of Chukotka in ontogeny

T.V. Godovykh


17 Finding homology of diatoms frustulins to proteins of plant and animal origin

K.S. Golokhvast, I.A. Pamirskiy


18 Genotyping of tomato lines and varieties from Belarussian collections using SSR and Cf markers

Z.E. Grushetskaya, S.V. Malyshev, V.A. Lemesh, A.V. Kilchevsky


19 PEFF DB: The manually curated database of protein evolutional and functional features

K.V. Gunbin, D.A. Afonnikov, M.A. Genaev, N.A. Kolchanov


20 Evolution of GTF2I gene family

K.V. Gunbin, I.V. Medvedeva, V.A. Ivanisenko, A.O. Ruvinsky


21 Morphometric and mitochondrial DNA analysis of Pangasiid catfish species (Teleostei: Pangasiidae) from Peninsular Malaysia: Implications on potential aquaculture impacts on the natural indigenous Pangasiid populations

B. Haslawati, M. Rizman-Idid, A.R. Zulkafli, S. Muniandy, M. Zakaria-Ismail


22 To the question about molecular bases of plant ecology

R.S. Ivanov, G.H. Vafina, E.A. Ivanova


23 Intron‐containing genes indicate divergence of eukaryotes

A. Kabdullina, M. Tauasarova, A. Ivachshenko, S. Atambayeva, V. Khailenko


24 Phylogenetic relationships in Fagopyrum species based on nucleotide polymorphism of b/c intron of nad1 gene

G.D. Kadyrova, E.Z. Kochieva


25 Evolution and mobile elements

R.N. Kalendar


26 Enzyme loci variability of Picea abies (L.) Karst. and P. obovata Ledeb. inrogressive zone proveniences

I.I. Kamalova, E.N. Nakvasina, N.I. Vnukova, A.I. Iroshnikov, A.M. Shutyaev


27 Cladistic analysis of plant homologs of human microtubule‐and cell cycle related serine‐threonine protein kinases P.A. Karpov, E.S. Nadezhdina, A.I. Yemets, Ya.B. Blume


28 Detection of insertion sequences in mtDNA: What transmission routs are probable in fish and birds, gender, horizontal or both?

Yu.Ph. Kartavtsev


29 Sequence divergence within Altai Osmans genus Oreoleuciscus (Pisces, Cyprinidae, Leuciscinae) based on mtDNA Co‐1 gene

Yu.Ph. Kartavtsev, N.M. Batishcheva, S.N. Sharina, N.G. Bogutskaya


30 Investigation of scorpionfish and perch‐like species of Russia on Co‐1gene sequence data with phylogenetic and taxonomic outcomes

Yu.Ph. Kartavtsev, S.N. Sharina, S.V. Turanov, A.A. Advolodkin


31 Molecular phylogenetic and demographic history of Baikal oligochaete populations

I.A. Kaygorodova, Yu.S. Bukin


32 Comparison of fish tissue storage methods for DNA extraction in phylogenetic studies

E. Keskin


33 Studying of phylogenetic mutual relations between the apple cultivars of the Ukrainian and foreign breeding

D.A. Kiselev, T.N. Checheneva


34 Associations between the White Sea invertebrates and oxygen‐evolving phototrophic microorganisms: a phylogenetic study

O.A. Koksharova, T.R. Kravzova, T.A. Fedorenko, E.O. Omarova, O.A. Gorelova, O.I. Baulina, E.S. Lobakova


35 Cyst‐forming trypanosomatids: molecular phylogeny recruits morphology to challenge taxonomy

A.Yu. Kostygov


36 Population and genetic structure of pedunculate oak in Belarus on the basis of analysis of variation of nuclear and chloroplast loci

O.A. Kovalevich, D.I. Kagan, S.V. Panteleev


37 Molecular markers for maize genetics resources evaluation

N.E. Kozhukhova


38 DNA‐barcoding as methods of identification of mites

S.V. Kravchenko, A.V. Alexandrenko, A.V. Tolstikov


39 Phylogenetic relationships of endemic Paratanytarsus baicalensis Tshern. to some genera of the tribe Tanytarsini (Diptera: Chironomidae)

L.S. Kravtsova, D.Yu. Sherbakov, O.V. Mayer


40 Functional comparison of mitochondrial endonuclease EndoG and prokaryotic Serratia marcescens and Anabaena sp. endonucleases

E.V. Kryakounova, R.G. Khamidullina, O.A. Gimadutdinow


41 Molecular‐genetic study of Woodsia calcarea (Fomin) Schmakov population

A.A. Kuznetsov, M.G. Kutsev, A.I. Shmakov, I.I. Gureeva, A.V. Vaganov


42 To the peculiarities of Influenza A virus evolution. Statistical analysis of virus genome and prediction of variable regions in primary structure of matrix M1 protein

M.A. Kuznetsova, U.A. Pekov, A.L. Ksenofontov, L.V. Kordyukova, V.L. Drutsa


43 The speciation in status nascendi of the Siberian apple‐tree ofthespecies Malus baccata (L.) Borkh

E.V. Kuznetsova, T.E. Peretolchina, D.Yu. Sherbakov, A.V. Rudikovskiy


44 Phylogenetic relationships within the algae scraping cyprinid genus Capoeta (Teleostei:Cyprinidae)

B.A. Levin, J. Freyhof, Z. Lajbner, S. Perea, I. Doadrio


45 Independent origin of the barb (Labeobarbus, Cyprinidae) species flocks in the four river systems of Ethiopia: evidence from mitochondrial DNA sequences

B.A. Levin, A.S. Golubtsov, Yu.Yu. Dgebuadze, N.S. Mugue, I. Doadrio


46 The evolution of proline synthesis transcription regulation in gamma proteobacteria

K. Lopatovskaya, K. Gorbunov, L. Rusin, A. Seliverstov, V. Lyubetsky


47 Evolution of NtcA‐and NtcB‐regulons in cyanobacteria and rhodophyte chloroplasts

K. Lopatovskaya, L. Rusin, A. Seliverstov, V. Lyubetsky


48 A new set of markers for human identification based on 32 polymorphic Alu insertions

I.Z. Mamedov, S.V. Ustyugova, D.A. Shagin, Y.B. Lebedev


49 The RAPD‐analysis of perennial sunflower species Helianthus rigidus Desf.

N.V. Markin, M.A. Tikhonova, V.A. Gavrilova, A.V. Usatov


50 Molecular phylogeny of Cockroaches (Dictyoptera, Blattina) based on comparative analysis of ribosomal DNA

V.A. Mavropulo, S.V. Lukyantsev, L.N. Anisyutkin, D.V. Mukha


51 Molecular phylogeny of Schistidium (Grimmiaceae, Musci)

I.A. Milyutina, E.A. Ignatova, M.S. Ignatov, D.V. Goryunov, A.V. Troitsky


52 Phylogenetic analysis of the GH114 family of glycoside hydrolases

D.G. Naumoff, O.O. Stepuschenko


53 Hexadecanoid pathway in plants

E.V. Osipova, Yu.V. Gogolev, A.N. Grechkin


54 Using DEPPDB — DNA electrostatic and other physical properties database — in the evolutionary studies

A.A. Osypov, G.G. Krutinin, E.A. Krutinina, P.M. Beskaravayny, S.G. Kamzolova


55 The speciation and the evidence of the mitochondrial introgression in the endemic species of mollusks of the genus Baicalia

T.E. Peretolchina, A.V. Novikov, D.Yu. Sherbakov


56 Evolutionary relationships of Calyptogena‐species (Bivalvia, Vesicomyidae) from Western Pacific

N.B. Petrov, I.P. Vladychenskaya, E.M. Krylova, B.A. Marshall


57 Use of molecular markers for studying species of Lupinus

S.V. Petruchenya, V.S. Anokhina, L.N. Kaminskaya, I.B. Sauk


58 Estimation of genetic diversity and phylogenetic relationships Achillea glaberrima Klokov and Achillea leptophilla Bieb. using RAPD analysis

Ya.V. Pirko, L.P. Taranets, O.A. Shakula, I.I. Korshikov, Ya.B. Blume


59 Cytoplasmic DNA variation and biogeography of Larix Mill. in Northeast Asia

M.A. Polezhaeva, O.S. Dymshakova


60 Identification of unique cryptosporidium sites using the technique of massively parallel computing based on CUDA

M.A. Potehina, S.V. Fironov, A.A. Pogoda


61 Revegetation on the landfills for the purpose of landscape improvement

O.V. Potipak


62 Patterns of a variation of levels of genetic differentiation in the Asian and American populations of species of Pacific Salmons (Oncorhynchus, Salmoniformes)

S.P. Pustovoit


63 Phylogenetic relationships of the genus of Mus using t‐specific microsatellite markers of DNA

L.D. Safronova, S.G. Potapov, V.G. Petrosyan, A.I. Chekunova


64 Structure of AFLP based genetic diversity in the populations of Abies sibirica Ledeb.

S.A. Semerikova, V.L. Semerikov


65 Molecular phylogeny and taxonomy studies of the family Pleuronectidae (Pisces: Pleuronectiformes) from North‐West Pacific based on two mtDNA genes, Co‐1 and Cyt‐b

S.N. Sharina, Yu.Ph. Kartavtsev


66 Phylogenetic interrelations in population of Aesculus hippocastanum L. (Kyiv,Ukraine)

E.E. Shavanova, D.A. Kiselev, T.N. Checheneva


67 Molecular markers of Dolly Varden adaptive divergence

E.A. Shubina, M.A. Nikitin, E.V. Ponomareva, O.F. Gritsenko


68 Phylogenetic position of Colpodella angusta, and affiliation of photosynthetic organism Chromera velia to colpodellids as inferred from molecular phylogeny analysis using small subunit rRNA gene sequences

T.G. Simdyanov, M.V. Ophitserov, A.P. Mylnikov, V.V. Aleoshin


69 Localization of DNA sequences tightly associated with synaptonemal complex in compositional fractions of golden hamster and human genome

T.V. Sizova, O.I. Karpova, M.V. Penkina, Yu.F. Bogdanov


70 Polymorphism of mitochondrial genome of sable (Martes zibellina L.): Comparison of natural and domesticated populations

S.Yu. Sorokina, B.V. Andrianov, I.I. Goryacheva, O.E. Lazebny, S.N. Kashtanov


71 Analysis of protein length isoforms in prokaryotes for single‐domain proteins

P.A. Starostina, D.A. Afonnikov, K.V. Gunbin


72 Evolution of Lake Baikal coregonine fishes: Is it an example of periodic intra‐lacustrine adaptive diversification?

L.V. Sukhanova, T.V. Belomestnikh, S.V. Kirilchik, V.V. Smirnov, N.S. Smirnova-Zalumi


73 Reproductive strategy of the sable (Martes zibellina L.): The analysis of heritability of litter size in farmed population

G.R. Svishcheva, S.N. Kashtanov


74 Comparative nuclear and chloroplast markers analysis reveals the polyphyly of the tribe Coriandreae (Umbelliferae‐Apioideae)

E.I. Terentieva, C.M. Valiejo-Roman, T.H. Samigullin, M.G. Pimenov, E.V. Kljuykov


75 Single nucleotide polymorphism markers in genetic stock identification of Lake Baikal oilfishes

V.I. Teterina, A.M. Mamontov, S.V. Kirilchik


76 Molecular‐genetic identification of Russian sturgeon (Acipenser gueldenstadtii) and beluga (Huso huso) for aqvaculture

N.N. Timoshkina, A.E. Barmintseva, D.V. Kovalenko


77 Origin of the CYP74 family of cytochromes P450 diversity based on results of site‐directed mutagenesis

Ya.Yu. Toporkova, L.Sh. Muchtarova, Yu.V. Gogolev, A.N. Grechkin


78 Swine, avian and human influenza and the origins of the influenza A (H1N1) pandemic strain

F. Torrens, G. Castellano


79 The bioinformatical analysis of promoter regions p53 and ob genes at mammals

V.A. Trofimov, S.N. Palaev, A.V. Nikulin, A.M. Oreshin, E.N. Lopukhova


80 Microchromosomes of Aves are genetically changeable

A.V. Trukhina, A.F. Smirnov


81 Genetic differentiation of the zokors (Rodentia, Myospalacinae) inferred from variation of two mitochondrial DNA markers: Cytochrome b and control region

M.V. Tsvirka, M.V. Pavlenko, V.P. Korablev


82 The relationship between evolutionary changes in cyclins and increasing the complexity of eukaryotes

I.I. Turnaev, K.V. Gunbin, V.V. Suslov, D.A. Afonnikov


83 SSR‐allele polymorphism of pear cultivars growing in Belarus

O.Yu. Urbanovich, Z.A. Kazlovskaya, V.A. Yakimovich, N.A. Kartel


84 Variability of representatives genus Asplenium L. from Altai based onRAPD‐PCR

O.V. Uvarova, A.I. Shmakov


85 Intra‐and interspecies evolution of three noncoding DNA regions inApiaceae plant family

C.M. Valiejo-Roman, V.S. Shneyer


86 Phylogenetic analysis of six‐domain multicopper blue proteins

A.V. Vasin, S.A. Klotchenko, L.V. Puchkova


87 On molecular phylogeny and systematics of suborder Cephaloziineae (Jungermanniales,Marchantiophyta)

A.A. Vilnet, N.A. Konstantinova, A.V. Troitsky


88 Analysis of the degenerate motifs in 5’‐regulatory regions of brain‐specific miRNA genes of primates

O.V. Vishnevsky, K.V. Gunbin, A.V. Bocharnikov, E.V. Berezikov


89 A molecular phylogeny of the subgenus Polyommatus (s. str.) based on mitochondrial COI sequence (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae)

D.I. Vodolazhsky, B.V. Stradomsky


90 Multilocus sequence typing is an important approach of molecular ecology

O.L. Voronina, M.S. Kunda, V.G. Lunin, A.L. Gintsburg


91 Species differences of coagulase‐negative staphylococci from two hospitals demonstrated by genotyping

O.L. Voronina, M.S. Kunda, M.E. Subbotina, V.G. Lunin, O.A. Dmitrenko


92 Genotyping in decision of problem of Bifidobacterium species identification by biochemical approach

O.L. Voronina, M.S. Kunda, M.E. Subbotina, O.G. Zhilenkova, A.M. Amerkhanova


93 Genetic heterogeneity and divergence chicken with roots of fight breeds

A.F. Yakovlev, V.I. Tishenko, N.V. Dementeva, O.V. Mitrofanova, V.P. Terletsky


94 A comparative analysis of the hsp70 genes system in two species of the family Stratiomyidae (Diptera)

I.A. Yushenova, O.G. Zatsepina, A.A. Przhiboro, M.B. Evgen'ev, D.G. Garbuz


95 Phylogenetic analysis of human P[8]G9 rotavirus strains circulating in Novosibirsk, Western Siberia during 2004–2009

E.V. Zhirakovskaya, A.Yu. Tikunov, N.V. Tikunova

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